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From the creators that brought you PremierWireless, PremierMerchant is an integrated software solution that will revolutionize the point-of-sale industry. Sleek and sophisticated, with unbeatable value, PremierMerchant is the pinnacle of retail software.


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PremierMerchant is designed with the user in mind, streamlined to make it the best point of sale software for owners, managers, and employees alike. With robust custom reporting and easy product creation windows, running your business has never been easier!

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FDA’s proposed rule for NNN levels in smokeless tobacco

Public Health Expert Clive Bates is calling the proposed regulation reckless and pointless, while the Scientific Director of CASAA Carl...
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Dr. Jerome Adams nominated as the next US Surgeon General

Dr. Jerome Adams is assistant professor of anesthesiology at Indiana University School of Medicine and has also sat on committees...
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Kansas to reduce e-liquid tax

Two years ago in 2015, the state of Kansas implemented a harsh tax on e-liquids, one of 20-cent-per-milliliter. An article...
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Flavoured tobacco products banned in San Francisco

In June 2016, California passed a law to restrict the sales of tobacco products which included electronic cigarettes to adults...
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Vaping products may be banned from public spaces in Austin TX

Last month in May, lawmakers in Austin voted unanimously to put forward a proposal that would add e-cigarettes to the...
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NY state votes in favour of an e-cig ban in restaurants and bars

Despite the fact that many studies keep emerging, suggesting that vaping is significantly safer than smoking, lawmakers in Albany voted...
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Gottlieb fails to credit vaping products for reduction in teen smoking

The good news is, that the announcement points out that smoking has been reduced by half since 2011, from 15.8...
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PATH study indicates that e-cigs are less addictive than regular cigarettes

Despite the fact that many studies have already found that e-cigarettes are significantly safer than tobacco cigarettes, misinformation and bad...
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OHVTA Reaches a Position Favorable of Defeating the Governor’s Proposed 69% Vape Tax

What could possibly be holding back this “official” status? There are still 2 weeks remaining until the Senate’s vote is...
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Senators urge Gottlieb to take a stand against the vaping industry

In an article published last week on Forbes, co-authors Sally Patel and Director of Counterfactual Consulting (UK) Clive Bates, pointed...
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